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Increasing Access to Aquatic Opportunities

Our community continues to grow while availability and accessibility to pools across the Treasure Valley are declining. The aquatic center was created to serve local citizens through its daily hosting of fitness classes, club and school swim team practices, group and private swim lessons as well as community lap swim. 

In addition, the state-of-the-art ‘fast pool’ is designed to attract elite competitive local, regional and national aquatic events to Boise, generating millions in economic impact for the Treasure Valley region.

Idaho Central Aquatic Center 50 Meter Setup Boise ID.jpg

Idaho Central Aquatic Center

The Idaho Central Aquatic Center will provide an exemplary water space for the aquatic community in the Treasure Valley.  We will host swim lessons, competitive club swimming, masters swimming, water polo, high school swimming, community lap swimming, fitness classes and certification classes.


The Idaho Central Aquatic Center is an extraordinary community resource whose mission is to teach and inspire athletes of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds by fostering a passion for swimming, water polo, water safety and fitness, and all other aquatic activities.


The Idaho Central Aquatic Center and its staff will strive to provide each guest with their best experience on a daily basis.

Pool Image Idaho Central Aquatic Center


The aim of the Idaho Central Aquatic Center is to enrich the quality of life through water sports, fitness and leisure aquatic activities in a safe, fun, and family environment.


We are committed to making sure that all aquatic experiences, both competitive as well as leisure activities, are provided in a fun, safe and friendly environment to all guests of the Idaho Central Aquatic Center.

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