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Education of our students, parents, staff, and the learn-to-swim community. Beyond being an imperative life skill, swimming has many positive impacts on the physical and social development of our students — starting as young as 3 months. Our Baby Gills program is an introduction to the aquatic environment and amplifies cognitive benefits that occur early on in those tiny, growing brains. This initial program and introduction to the water will carry with each participant as they advance throughout the academy.

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Idaho Central Aquatic Center Guppies

Baby Gills

 Introduction to the water. Baby Gills is 3-30 months.

Idaho Central Aquatic Center Squirts


Ideal age for Squirts is 2-5 years, and up to 8 years.

Idaho Central Aquatic Center Marlin


 Advanced competitive strokes. Marlin is 5+ years.

Idaho Central Aquatic Center Bubbles


Advanced backfloats and rollovers.  2-5 years, and up to 8 years.

Idaho Central Aquatic Center All Stars


Drills & Repetition. 5-8 yrs old, 9-12 yrs old, & 13-17 yrs old.

Idaho Central Aquatic Center Dory


 Beginning stroke work. Dory is 3-6 years, and up to 8 years.

Idaho Central Aquatic Center Nemo


Four competitive strokes. Nemo is 4+ years.

Idaho Central Aquatic Center Adult Swim Lessons

Adult Swim

Adult classes are 45 minutes of instruction and 15 minutes of personal practice.

Come join our family

We love teaching and working with every student who enters our doors. Every day there is a new success story, a new smile, a frightened child who begins to understand the aquatic world. We work to build smiles, confidence, and success.

Our half an hour, once-a-week, swim lesson philosophy works! We love to see the swimmers who consistently attend their weekly class become comfortable, confident, and skilled in the water.

We Believe:

  • Simple steps and solid building blocks lead to long-term success 

  • That teaching breath control, balance, and buoyancy is key to creating a comfortable, accomplished swimmer 

  • That we have the best jobs in the world

  • That consistent reinforcement in our year-round, once-per-week, half-hour lessons builds success and confidence

  • In introducing children as young as twelve weeks old to the aquatic environment

  • Learning to back float is a life-saving skill 

NEMO Students Idaho Central Aquatic Center.jpg

Tiffany K. 

"Best swimming lessons in Boise. My 5 year old daughter has improved significantly in just 2 months."

Daniel M.

"My experience here has been nothing short of phenomenal, and I can't recommend this place enough for both newcomers and seasoned swimmers."

Shannon M.

"Both my (energetic) boys love swim lessons here. Glad to find a place that works well with them and grows them in both talent and respect of water"

Meet our Instructors

All LBSA instructors receive hands-on training and continuing education throughout the year. Our goal is to maintain an excellent staff dedicated to ensuring an amazing experience for all LBSA students.

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