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Baby Gills (Group) 5 - Lessons




5 Lessons


About the Course

Our Baby Gills class is fun for everyone involved and creates lasting memories. We focus on water acclimation and comfort through play and repetition. For our Baby Gills, each parent will be coached by the instructor for the next skill to be conquered and celebrated! Learning at their own pace with the love of their own parents. What could be better?

Baby personalities will show immediately as some will kick and scream in delight and some will just need extra cuddling. Together baby and parent will gain confidence and skill through splash and play. Young babies will not learn to swim in this class (or be water safe) but will increase muscle development by stretching out their new arms and legs in the weightless environment. Coordination and awareness increase through movement and stimulation. Older babies (24-30 months) frequently become water safe with consistency and parent dedication.

Our teaching pool is kept at a comfortable 88 degrees to aid in relaxation. Moms, Dads, and Grandparents will treasure their time together as babies gain trust and confidence in the water. Parents will be educated in water safety as babies progress at their own pace eventually finding comfort both in and under the water.

Starting your child in the water, as a young baby, will help prevent anxiety and fear moving forward with water activities. Children will also transition easily into our lesson program when they are ready. Staying consistent with water exploration and lessons is the key to creating a positive experience for your child.

Baby Gills class is 30 minutes in length but here baby knows best. Class size is limited to 8.  

Your Instructor


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